Significance of Duct Cleaning Melbourne     by   TotalDuctCleaning

29 April 2017

You should understand the process of Duct Cleaning Melbourne for ensuring that you can easily clean the ducting system and surely breathe pure air...

3 Reasons to Choose a Rubbish Removal Company Over a Skip Bin Hire     by   Paul's Rubbish Removal

29 April 2017

Are you starting a construction or renovation project? Have you thought about the costs involved in removing the construction waste after the project has been complete? In this article, we'll dive into the 3 biggest reasons on why you should choose a rubbish removal company over hiring a skip bin...

Maintaining the appearance of your office building     by   Derek Lotts

28 April 2017

No matter how discouraging, and perhaps even disappointing it is, the fact that appearance matters is indisputable. Dressing up for a job interview to create a good impression is no different than maintaining the look of your office building in order to attract customers and associates...

Understanding Trenchless Technology in 2017 – What You Need to Know     by   Jayde Ferguson

28 April 2017

Trenchless technology allows sewer repair and pipe work without having to break ground. Either minimal or zero digging is required. It includes techniques such as microtunneling, horizontal directional drilling and pipe ramming...


Top Tips to Win That Sales Pitch in the Design and Construction Sectors     by   Jayde Ferguson

28 April 2017

The design and construction industry is a very competitive business. Tailoring your choice to the individual project, its specifications and vision will help boost success for a tender...

Get Your Patio Ready For Winter     by   Grand Patios

27 April 2017

Grand Patios Shorter days, an early morning freshness and turning leaves send a clear message that winter is on its way. But before you dust off your heaters in anticipation of the big chill, it’s worthwhile spending a little time getting your outdoor patio ready for the onset of winter too...

5 Ways To Guarantee A Successful Moving Day     by   Anchor Homes

26 April 2017

Moving into a new home is exciting – but the day of the move can be incredibly stressful if you’re not fully prepared. To avoid headaches, get organised in advance. When you have a clear plan of action, you’ll get things done faster and the day will be much easier...

Timber Decking Around Your Pool? Are You Planning A Saltwater Pool?     by   VUETRADE

26 April 2017

Are you planning timber decking or posts around your pool area? Is your pool a salt water pool rather than chlorine? Have you ever thought what is underneath that decking?...

Small Bathroom Luxury Design Ideas     by   Derek Lotts

24 April 2017

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you thought that your bathroom could never portray a luxurious feel due to its size, think again...

Architectural 3D Rendering Services Have Changed the world     by   JMSD Consultant

21 April 2017

Architectural Rendering Services has come up as the best service for architects and those involved in the real estate sector. Gone are the days when designs were created on paper. Now is the time of architectural rendering...

Stone Interiors     by   Dallas Rayner

21 April 2017

The reflective warm and unique qualities of stone are second to none. With interiors, stone adds a luxurious feel while bringing the natural world inside...

Quality Kitchens - A Bargain Price at Renovator Auctions     by   Paul Walters

20 April 2017

One of the upwardly trending areas of DIY home improvements is Kitchens...

Hire floor polishing services to add aesthetic details to your floor     by   Prestige Floor Sanding Melbourne

20 April 2017

Do you want to polish your flooring that is shabby and drab? Then, hire Floor Sanding Melbourne services. These people come to your place with the right equipment to polish the flooring flawlessly and add beauty to your living space. Basically, the flooring gets worn out over time...

Choosing the Best Modern Kitchen Design for Your Home     by   Robert Menzies

20 April 2017

There are quite a variety of designs to select for your dining room look. Kitchen design has a portfolio of various attractive dining looks that may be the basic design for your ultimate room look. The design usually gives the outline of how your dining area will appear...


6 questions to ask before selling your investment property     by   Momentum Wealth

18 April 2017

At one time or another selling an investment property will be a serious consideration, whether it’s an underperforming asset or as part of a structured sell-down. However, before engaging a sales agent, here are 6 questions to ask to ensure you’re making the right decision...

So you're ready to buy your first home? A new home? Investment Property? Or that one at the Coast or a tree change?     by   Andrew Bounader

14 April 2017

Ceiling space under a roof, an area where many inspection companies won't visit. So you're ready to buy your first home? A new home? Investment Property? Or that little weekender on the Coast or tree change?...

Importance of Antenna Installation for Quality Viewing Experience     by   Lauren Bracy

14 April 2017

There is nothing as irritating as having to deal with a bad viewing experience when there is something interesting that you are watching on your television. The correct installation of the antenna can enhance your viewing experience to ensure that you get uninterrupted reception for your TV...


Spring Cleaning Checklist     by   Derek Lotts

13 April 2017

Spring brought warm weather but also some house chores. Seasonal spring cleaning is a must if you want to make sure that your home is pleasant and cozy. Of course, no one likes to clean and dust. So, to make things easier for you, take a look at the following cleaning checklist...

How to Beautify a House with Staircase Designs and Balustrades     by   Melissa Hamler

12 April 2017

A balustrade is file of balusters that support the railing of a staircase. They are usually seen in pool fences, balconies, staircases, and many more places. Their primary objective is to ensure that the stairs don’t fall away and preventing people from falling off inadvertently...

2017 Victorian Architecture Awards: case study     by   Jacob Harris

11 April 2017

The Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter have revealed the list of entries and jurors for the 2017 Victorian Architecture Awards. This year will see 223 entries lining up for the opportunity to win Awards— a 12% increase in entries compared to 2016...