7 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Yard for a Dog      by   Jayde Ferguson

31 October 2016

Bringing your new puppy home is a big move - but an exciting one at that! Before you take the new family member in though, you need to make sure they'll feel at home right away. And that takes some planning and redesigning the yard to do so...

Pond 101 – How To Set Up A Beautiful Water Feature In Your Garden.     by   Michael Cave

27 October 2016

Many world-renowned gardens have a water feature as a show stopping centre piece or tucked away in a secret corner. If you thought you had to have a million dollar garden to have a stunning water feature, think again...

How Do You Know When It's Time To Build Up?      by   Next Residential

26 October 2016

If you’re considering building a new home or renovating your existing one and are deliberating the pros and cons of single storey vs double storey, here are some of the situations when going up is the best option. You’ll know it’s time to build up when there’s no room to build out...

Understanding R-Codes When It Comes To Multi Unit Developments     by   Ross North Developments

26 October 2016

Property subdivision and development have great potential for growth and profit, but before you can put a development plan to action you have to determine if you have the permission to do it. Perth data has shown that development is on the rise with changes to stamp duty on new builds...

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Sink & Taps     by   Daniel Martin

26 October 2016

Everybody wants a neat and functional kitchen to work flawlessly so that with a minimum of time and efforts, daily chores can be completed effortlessly. If you’re planning for a kitchen renovation then you also need to consider kitchen sink and kitchen taps...

7 Different Types of Gates - Which Should You Choose?     by   Liam Tennant

26 October 2016

Choosing a new gate for your home, commercial or industrial property isn’t as simple as picking the design that you like the most - there are a whole lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before making a final decision...


Why build a house with steel frames?     by   Steer Manufacturing

25 October 2016

Why choose steel? Steel frame houses are lightweight, structurally solid, termite proof and completely recyclable. Steel will not bow or warp over time and has a far superior strength to weight ratio than termite-attracting timber frames...

Taking the plunge: a little look at tiny pools     by   Jacob Harris

24 October 2016

As the weather heats up, many of us get to thinking about that pinnacle of summertime residential splendour: the backyard swimming pool. Sadly though, for many of us – due to either space or budget constraints – a backyard pool is just not an option. However, all hope is not lost!...


Outdoor coastal style guide     by   Jacob Harris

24 October 2016

As a beach-loving country, Australians are naturally drawn to the sun, sea and sand, but for those of us not lucky enough to live by the coast, the beauty of beach living can easily be brought to your outdoor area with a coastal style backyard makeover...


Gerringong beach house     by   Jacob Harris

24 October 2016

Surrounded by stunning coastlines and beautiful beaches, it’s no surprise that Australians love living by the sea...

Ceiling cracks and what's happening?     by   Andrew Bounader

23 October 2016

One of the areas most people notice in houses is the cracking of the plasterboard in either walls or ceilings and the accompanying photos show how this usually appears...

Moisture outside of the shower wall.     by   Andrew Bounader

23 October 2016

One of the most concerning areas for a home owner or potential purchaser is the need to do maintenance in critical wet areas, such as bathroom showers, laundry tubs and the back wall of a cistern or pan in the toilet...

These House Furnishing Ideas Can Cut Down the Cost to Half     by   Lauren Williamson

22 October 2016

Most of us who move half way across the content know that sometimes it’s better to sell off our furniture or give it away because let’s face it, moving can be expensive. Maybe you are living in a flat, and you have decided to move into your first home, and you need more furniture...

Save Water to Shield Nation’s Water Resources & Environment     by   Daniel Martin

21 October 2016

When we use water-saving methods, it will not only help us to save money but also will divert lesser water from our rivers, estuaries etc. that assist in preserving the health of the environment...

Design Tip: Integrating Bathroom Storage Solutions     by   Bella Vista Bathware

20 October 2016

Integrating Bathroom Storage A well designed bathroom must motivate you in the morning and serves as a peaceful sanctuary to relax after a long day...

A homeowner's guide to selecting the perfect fireplace     by   Jennifer Albert

15 October 2016

When the cooler months roll around (or for those of us lucky enough to live in Melbourne, when they stay around - how long is winter going to last this year??!) there truly is nothing better than snuggling up by a crackling fireplace and toasting your tootsies as you sip a mug of perfectly sweet hot...

6 Handy Hints to Keep Your Garden Flourishing This Spring     by   Jennifer Albert

14 October 2016

Image Source There’s nothing quite like that first burst of spring when there are fresh new shoots emerging from the ground and the warmth of the sun is felt more keenly...

Stunning Smaller Bathrooms are Created by Design      by   Silq Interiors

12 October 2016

The challenge of renovating a bathroom is to create a room with the feeling of light and space. This can be a little daunting, especially if the space is small...

How to identify the best suburbs for property investment in 2016/17     by   Momentum Wealth

11 October 2016

A constant burning issue among investors is finding the next property investment hotspot. So where are the best investment suburbs in 2016/17 in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane… or anywhere else in Australia for that matter?...

What Type Of Investment Property Should You Choose?     by   Time Conti Sheffield

11 October 2016

Property has always been considered to be one of the safest and most rewarding long-term investments, so if you’re considering making an investment in property, you will probably want to know what type of property you should choose...