Alfresco Designs and Ideas for Summer 2016-2017     by   Jayde Ferguson

28 September 2016

Crafting a private outdoor oasis to call your own isn’t just a want anymore - it’s a necessity. As more homeowners realise the value of a well-designed alfresco or patio space; relaxing, grilling, planting and entertaining outdoors is on the agenda more than ever...

First impression counts: Fabulous tips for improving your foyer     by   Open Agent

27 September 2016

Making a great first impression is important for buildings as well as people. This is never more true than when you are trying to make a sale...

Geographical Chairs – How Globalisation is Changing the Face of Interior Decorating     by   Jennifer Albert

26 September 2016

The speed of globalisation has greatly increased in recent decades and its effects can be felt in virtually every aspect of our lives. From economics and trade to sports, food, culture and fashion, the world becomes smaller and more integrated every day...

A taste of what's in store at The National Building Design Awards     by   Jacob Harris

26 September 2016

The National Building Design Awards promote and recognise excellence in building design across the country in the areas of residential, interior, heritage conservation, energy-efficiency, commercial and industrial design...

The Giacomo Yandoit house     by   Jacob Harris

26 September 2016

The completed renovation of the Giacomo Yandoit house has won the Best Use of Windows and Doors in a Residential Renovation Award at the 2016 Australian Window Association (AWA) Design Awards...

Cheap Fixes to Increase your Home’s Value Before Selling     by   Sally Warder

23 September 2016

When you’ve finally decided to sell your home, there are numerous confusing and sometimes overwhelming decisions to make, and questions to be answered...

Rules of Bathroom Design     by   Bella Vista Bathware

23 September 2016

Bella Vista Bathware With the right guidance and know-how, it’s easy to build a bathroom that meets both your needs and style. With the fast pace technology nowadays, bathroom is no different...

Criteria to select a kids bunk bed     by   Just Kids Furniture Store

21 September 2016

Kids bunk beds have more furniture aesthetics than you’d imagine. Think back to the time when you were a kid and you sure will remember wishing you owned a bunk bed. Not only do they add an element of fun to the room, they sure are a hit among children...


Home Renovation Could Be Eco-Friendly. Read To Know How     by   Sarah Williams

17 September 2016

Dated back to 1896, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist, first coined the term 'Global Warming' and said that an unceasing combustion of coal, gas and crude oil was going to put the eco system at stake...

8 Eco-Friendly Renovations That Will Save You A Ton In The Long Term     by   Jennifer Albert

15 September 2016

It is no secret that it is now a crucial time for us to all play our part in being eco-friendly in a bid to help sustain our planet and ensure that it is around for our future generations to enjoy...


A How to Guide for Spring Cleaning Your Garden and Reclaiming Your Outdoor Retreat     by   Jennifer Albert

15 September 2016

Spring has arrived in Australia, and while the rest of the world is digging out woolly sweaters and sipping on hot coco, homeowners here are already basking in the balmy temperatures. There are all kinds of great things to love about this season, but it does come with a bit of a catch...

How to Update a Shower Screen     by   Bella Vista Bathware

15 September 2016

Perhaps you’ve just bought a new house or apartment and inherited an old shower area with an outdated looking cubicle. This means you have possibly either got a small bathroom with just a shower, sink and toilet or you have a reasonably sized bathroom which has a separate bath and shower...

How to improve the value of your home!     by   The Stain Eaters

12 September 2016

Are you about to put your house on the market? Hoping to get the best price possible? Of course you are! But what can you do without spending a fortune? How to increase the value of your home!...

You be the judge: the window industry Design Awards     by   Jacob Harris

09 September 2016

Written by Jeff Patchell I was recently a judge at the window industry Design Awards for 2016, an annual event run by the Australian Window Association in conjunction with the Australian Glass and Glazing Association. The job doesn’t pay particularly well but you get some great views!...


Should I Paint Over my Timber Decking?     by   Felicity Allen

08 September 2016

Composite timber doesn't rot or warp like regular timber. If your deck looks like it’s seen better days a natural reaction is to repaint or stain over it. As far as home investments go, decking is one of the most valuable tools in outdoor spaces – so it pays to have it looking great!...

5 Ways to Get Your Fencing and Gate Choices Completely Wrong     by   Felicity Allen

08 September 2016

Consider the quality and durability of materials used, local rules and regulations, design aspects and budget when choosing your fencing. Choosing a fence for your home isn’t just about budget considerations and aesthetics...

Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist     by   Derek Lotts

06 September 2016

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means – the year is actually starting and you’re full of energy you can spend on various projects. Use this time to do a little maintenance around the house...

5 Ideas for Limestone     by   Dallas Rayner

06 September 2016

Building with natural Australian Limestone brings a wealth of possibilities. A versatile material, limestone can be cut to a variety of sizes as blocks or cladding and even reconstituted for paving. Lately we've seen artists using limestone as a sculpting material and even as lampshades...

Signs It’s Time To Re-Model Your Bathroom     by   Bella Vista Bathware

06 September 2016

Signs It’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom? Just that one thought could be the sign need to tell you it’s time to have a bathroom re-think!...

Taking The Reins - A Beginner's Guide To Melbourne's Real Estate Hotspots     by   Jennifer Albert

05 September 2016

We’ve all heard that real estate saying; ‘buy the worst house on a great block,’ well that’s the simple part, what block are they talking about? We decided to do a little research for you and tell you some of Melbourne’s top real estate hotspots...



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