10 Construction Site Branding Opportunities You’re Missing      by   Print My Fence

30 June 2016

In the competitive industry of construction it is important to advertise in order to stand out. Done correctly – construction site branding is an inexpensive and highly effective method to increase brand awareness and bring your company to a new level of industry prominence...

Living open-plan      by   Jacob Harris

30 June 2016

Open-plan living is a great way to make a space feel bigger than it actually is. And with a little thought and planning you can create a flowing, multi-functional living space that looks great too. We’ve put together ten examples of stunning open-plan living spaces to get you inspired. 1...

The Most Common Problems for Heating and Cooling Systems     by   Service It Australia

22 June 2016

Discovering an issue with the heating or cooling system at your home in Melbourne can be a real headache. The fact of the matter is that it is quite common to experience issues with your system over time...

Top ten security tips     by   Jacob Harris

20 June 2016

It goes without saying that good security should keep your home safe from intruders but, more than that, it should provide peace-of-mind. So we thought we’d put together ten useful security tips so you can ensure your home is burglar proof – leaving you worry-free. 1...


5 Major Benefits Of Using Tile Adhesive For Tile Installation     by   Security Doors Melbourne - Lock-U-Tite

17 June 2016

Have you planned to install uniquely designed and highly durable floor tiles within the interior part of your house? Are you wondering whether to install the tiles in traditional method with the help of sand and cement or use tile adhesive?...

Decorate Your Small Apartment Like a Pro     by   Derek Lotts

17 June 2016

Small apartments certainly have their upsides – lower rent and irreplaceable cozy charm. Still, decorating an apartment like this can be quite tricky. You apartment may lack some space but that does not mean it should lack style...

What Size Skip Do I Need for My Home Renovation Project?     by   Instant Waste Management

16 June 2016

Residential skip bin hire for home renovations If you're doing a remodel of some or all of your home, you are likely to generate a lot of rubbish – too much for your green and yellow bins to handle...

A Guide to Safety on your Construction Site      by   The Temporary Fencing Shop

08 June 2016

As of the first of April – four Australian workers have died at work in the construction industry...

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Temporary Fencing System      by   The Temporary Fencing Shop

08 June 2016

When choosing temporary fencing you want to be confident in the safety of your fencing. The temporary fencing industry is a fiercely completive one, with various companies now offering panels of different sizes, materials and prices...

Why All New Home Owners Need to Install Top Rated Home Surveillance Systems     by   Yvette Standfield

06 June 2016

When you are preparing to move into a new home, don’t forget one of the more important choices you need to make – ‘do you need a resid ential home security system installed?’ Nearly every home owner has been there, so much to think about: moving, furniture, lighting, and so on…....

The next big thing in bathrooms     by   Jacob Harris

06 June 2016

By Jeff Patchell Bathroom furniture design has gone ahead in leaps and bounds over the years. However, beyond pure aesthetics, health considerations are also always part of the solution. Toilets are often referred to as sanitary-ware, as cleanliness is all important...

How To Test If Your Roof Guttering Is Leaking     by   Yvette Standfield

04 June 2016

When you stop and think about it, your Roof Guttering does an amazing job of directing thousands upon thousands of litres of water into either a tank or storm water drain...

Mould or Mold in the Ceiling Void and what to do....     by   Andrew Bounader

03 June 2016

Mould can grow literally in any part of the house which has sufficient moisture and nutrient available for mould to feed on. Because nutrients are always present the only truly limiting factor is the amount of available moisture...

Amazing And Relaxing Outdoor Space     by   Derek Lotts

01 June 2016

During the warm months, there is nothing better than relaxing outside with an ice-cold drink in your hand. Sitting on a fresh air is a great way to rest and get rid of stress...

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