A Basic Installation Guide For Pergola Kit Builders     by   Thomas arend

31 May 2016

You may have noticed that pergolas are fast becoming Australia’s favourite outdoor structure – and they’re incredibly versatile, so why wouldn’t they be? If you are attempting to become a pergola kit builder , you might be wondering about the installation process...


Church on Wheels - Tiny Kit Homes     by   The Kit Home Expert

31 May 2016

This Tiny Chapel Puts A Whole New Spin On Small Weddings Share toFacebook Share toTwitter Share toPrint Share toEmail Share toPinterest More AddThis Share optionsMore2 He wanted to build a huge wedding chapel to hold 200 guests, but thankfully he settled for this super cute mobile one with space for...

HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF SMALL BATHROOM SPACES.     by   Luke's bathroom renovations

31 May 2016

If you have a small bathroom, trying to make everything fit in the available space seems almost impossible! Some of the problems we face are positioning of toilet, vanity, creating enough space for a shower and placement of all accessories...

Contemporary Zen bathrooms ideas for every home     by   Derek Lotts

30 May 2016

Given the tempo of our modern way of living, it is very often a case that those minutes we spend in our bathroom prior to going to bed are the only time that we truly have for ourselves...

A Guide to Creating Beautiful and Durable Carports     by   Modern Solutions

27 May 2016

Do you need always find needing extra covering for your parking storage? If you have some unused room in your property, you should consider building a carport that will provide you with more storage space for your car or recreational vehicles...

Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass - Which Should You Choose?     by   Bozzy Shade Blinds

26 May 2016

Are you building a new home or Is your existing lawn in desperate need of a makeover? Are you considering ways to reduce water usage in your garden? Do you want a green lawn all year round? If so, then you may be wondering if it is time to make the switch from real grass to synthetic grass...

Bozzy Shade Blinds Featured Project: Geraldton Residence     by   Bozzy Shade Blinds

26 May 2016

The team at Bozzy Shades Blinds recently installed outdoor shutters at a home in Geraldton with great success. The brief The clients needed a sturdy, but stylish, solution for their patio area...

Why you should consider investing in gas fireplaces this year     by   Yvette Standfield

24 May 2016

With winter fast approaching and predictions for a cold and long winter period in Melbourne, now is the perfect time to explore heating options that both provide comfort and warmth for you and your family...

Living on the edge     by   Jacob Harris

23 May 2016

How far would you go for the perfect view? Below are eight outstanding examples of homes that have been taken to the limit – and beyond! 1. The famous Hanging Houses in Cuenca, Spain were build over 500 years ago and overlook the Huécar River. Image: 2...

Choosing Your Carpeting, Room by Room     by   Cheryl Bills

22 May 2016

Choosing your carpeting, room by room My husband and I have been flipping houses for years and he has a home renovation business. I can tell you from our personal experiences that choosing the best carpeting for your home seems like it would be a fairly straightforward process...

Granny Flats     by   Theo Thomas

21 May 2016

Granny Flats Granny Flats have been slowly gaining in popularity over the last 50 years especially in Australian capital cities. As the name suggests "granny flats" originated as elderly parent / in-law accommodation in lieu of expensive or distant retirement homes...

Home Security with Sturdy Steel Doors Can Let You Holiday in Peace     by   Security Doors Melbourne - Lock-U-Tite

20 May 2016

The holiday season is approaching and every family around every Melbourne block is super excited about some special trip or the other that has been planned excitedly since months...


Storage Cabinet Ideas For 5 Key Spaces In The Home     by   Michael-Woodham

19 May 2016

If you regularly complain of not having enough storage space, you might be surprised to learn that you’re just not looking in the right places...


Pros And Cons Of Retractable Awnings     by   Alysha Smith

19 May 2016

For many homeowners, purchasing retractable awnings is a big investment. A smaller, less expensive one might set you back around $500 whereas a larger, more expensive one could cost as much as $2000 or more – if you’re buying more than one, the costs will quickly add up...

Stop Dangerous Pests from Destroying Your Home     by   Protech Pest Control

13 May 2016

Pests can make your beloved home feel like a dangerous, unwelcoming place for your family. Pest controllers in Melbourne have seen some pretty incredible things in the homes and buildings around the city. Creeping, crawling invaders can cause structural damage to homes and create big messes...

Tiny Kit Homes Australia     by   The Kit Home Expert

10 May 2016

Australia's No1 Tiny Kit Homes Call the Tiny Kit Home Expert 0407 683 779 Welcome to Tiny Kit Homes Australia… Amazing News – Blogs & Posts – Affordable Tiny Kit Homes – Floor Plans – For Sale & Rental...

Enjoy your outlook and your privacy     by   Jacob Harris

09 May 2016

Author: Chris Godden, Doberman Windows and Glass Australian homes are being built closer and closer together, so space, light and privacy are top requests for many home owners, renovators and even renters...

Sliding Door Repairs : Hire Professional Services!     by   Evan Javier

05 May 2016

Does your home have sliding doors installed on the patio, balcony or deck? These doors are really very simple to open and close offering you a beautiful view. These sliding doors might have problems that require repair or even replacement...