Re purposing an old console record player for 2015     by   Selby Acoustics

31 October 2015

It seems that records are coming back in to style lately, you can buy all the new artists' albums in pretty much any music store. I don't usually buy new, but like to find older music at good deals. This could mean thrift stores, yard dales, online auctions or record stores. But, I digress...

Get your pool area ready for summer!     by   Kate Jordan

30 October 2015

Australia has just experienced its hottest October on record. Whatever the cause – be it global warming, El Nino, or an act of god – the warmer weather has had one big impact: everyone’s starting to make plans for summer...


Top Tips For Choosing A Property Off Plan     by   Complete Homes

26 October 2015

Buying a property off-plan can be very exciting, but as you are making an investment choice based on something that only exists on paper, it’s really important to put time and effort into finalising your decision...

A new Dual Occupancy Design     by   Can you Subdivide?

24 October 2015

A two lot property subdivision The young family of four had a rather large backyard. The living pavillion See the Video The Neighbourhood Residential Zone restricted development to only two houses! Unfortunate, but an opportunity to design a dream dual occupancy home...

Brewery wins National Building Design of the Year     by   Kate Jordan

23 October 2015

Northbridge Brewing Co Twenty-five years ago, no one in Australia would have suggesting going down to the local brewery for a nice Sunday afternoon with the family. One, because very few people had a local brewery, and two, those that did, wouldn’t have wanted to go...

Know your rights     by   BUILD

23 October 2015

Home owners looking to build and renovate have had another reminder the importance of knowing their rights and working to protect them...

Who predicts the future of colour?      by   Kate Jordan

21 October 2015

Predicting the future is never easy – and yet many people do so for a living. People want to know what’s coming next and that’s why weathermen, economists, and even fortune tellers are in such high demand...

Attractive, Compact Home Wins HIA GreenSmart Custom Build Award     by   BUILD

20 October 2015

Kongwak House, Beach House Constructions Near the small town of Kongwak in South Gippsland, Victoria is a small house. The surrounding land was previously used for grazing, but small sections here and there are being sectioned off for a few lucky homes...

Cob, Beach House     by   Mario Bernal

14 October 2015

I am recently becoming very interested on building a cob house for a small land I have in the caribbean. I am wondering if there is disadvantages of constructing close to the beach, if so what can I do to minimize the weather impact on it? Please any input will be greatly appreciate it...

Escea’s Fresh and Sophisticated Freestanding Gas Fireplace     by   Escea Fireplaces

13 October 2015

The modern and sleek look of the freestanding is outstanding. Energy star. Escea has taken smart, innovative gas heaters to the next level with the latest addition to their award-winning range...

6 Simple Steps For Choosing Timber Flooring     by   Anthony Fee

12 October 2015

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to timber flooring , it’s important to note that the decisions don’t end there. This is because there are a variety of different timber species available, so you need to ensure that you’ve chosen the right one for your needs and the home in general...

10 fall/autumn amazing mantel piece ideas     by   Derek Lotts

09 October 2015

Autumn is the most melancholic and yet, the most romantic season of the year. Being placed between hot and vibrant summer and calm and bleak winter, autumn represents the perfect middle ground, both visually and emotionally...

How To Make Your Dream Home A Green Home     by   Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings

06 October 2015

Building a sustainable home is a long-term vision thing — considerations include all-year-round energy efficiency; the layout of the home to accommodate a growing family, the cat and dog, and of course eco-friendly building materials and amenities...

5 windows that - literally - transform the home      by   BUILD

06 October 2015

Windows can have a massive impact on any room in the house, controlling light and ventilation, as well as access to views. Windows can and do transform a home. Today we look at five windows that literally change the room they occupy in minutes through excellent design and mechanics. 1...