5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Accidents     by   Derek Lotts

28 September 2015

Your home is the place where you can feel safe and protected from the scary outside world, but did you ever stop to think about how safe your ‘safe haven’ really is? Can you be 100% sure that no harm can come from ‘minor’ things such as water, electricity, or fire?...

How To DIY Repair A Hole In A Wall     by   Sunlite Mitre 10

28 September 2015

You might think that a nasty hole in the wall is a job for a tradie. But in the time spent searching and finding someone, you could have fixed it yourself. These days, most holes are easy to repair because they’re made of drywall...


The Top Ten Trends in Tiled Splashbacks     by   Kate Jordan

28 September 2015

There is a lot going on in the world of tiled splashbacks at the moment. How many different ways can there be, you may ask, to apply porcelain to a wall? Well, as it turns out, a lot...

Can I subdivide my property in Melbourne     by   Can you Subdivide?

27 September 2015

You probably can subdivide your home- but at what cost?...

Property subdivision- costs and how to     by   Can you Subdivide?

26 September 2015

Property Subdivision A property subdivision occurs when one lot of land is divided to create two or more lots. For a small to medium sized residential developer it would mean a dual occupancy- two separate lots- or a number of units...

Dual Occupancy tips     by   Can you Subdivide?

26 September 2015

Dual Occupancy basics A property development for a two or more lot subdivision like a dual occupancy development can be profitable if you follow the golden rules successful property developers stick by...

Retirees can earn income from a dual occupancy in Melbourne     by   Can you Subdivide?

26 September 2015

Unfortunately, many pre-retirees are finding they may not have enough income to fund their retirement. The great dilemma; when to downsize and what to downsize to. The transaction costs of buying and selling property make it an expensive exercise, so it pays to do your home work...

10 Pool Maintenance Tips     by   Derek Lotts

25 September 2015

Picking a proper location, deciding on a pool type and perfectly executing the installation process promises a lot of fun and a great time spent enjoying your pool in the years to come...

Home Designing, Building or Renovation – It is YOUR Home, Do it YOUR Way     by   Louisa Johnson

21 September 2015

Your home is the place where you spend a majority of your time. It’s where you relax and also where some of the most important moments of your life take place...

Checking A Custom Home Builder’s Display Home For Quality Of Construction     by   Anthony Fee

21 September 2015

Seeing how a design is brought to life can help you get a feel for how a custom home builder’s concepts translate into reality. It is for this reason that you should visit a display home or two before signing on with a builder...

5 Steps To Create a Luxury Bathroom      by   BUILD

21 September 2015

Bathrooms are often overly practical. In many homes, they’re a place to wash as quickly as possible and then go. But in this fast-paced, stressful world, wouldn’t it be nice for the bathroom to be a place to slow down and really relax?...

Keeping the world's most complicated glasshouse clean     by   Kate Jordan

21 September 2015

Here at BUILD, we get many, many press releases for products. Some are useful, others are not. Some are interesting, many are not. Recently we received a press release for a seeming uninteresting product: a protective coating for glass...

Taking The Y Out Of DIY     by   Katie Hume

18 September 2015

Modern life is hectic. Does it feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, trying to keep up with household repairs? It’s good to get things done – but don’t run yourself ragged. Don’t be too proud to get help with pesky home maintenance tasks. Here are the top five jobs that busy people outsource. 1...

Eco-Friendly Strategies for Keeping Pests at Bay     by   Derek Lotts

16 September 2015

Keeping insects, pests and other creepy crawlers at bay while staying on the chemical hazard-free side is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Before you give up and reach out for a regular exterminating spray, trap or similar pest deterrent, try one of the green alternatives to pesticides...

Property Subdivision and Dual Occupancy crash course     by   Can you Subdivide?

15 September 2015

Why Dual Occupancy subdivision A dual occupancy development can liquidate the hidden asset in your backyard. You can just do the subdivision and flick the new lot to pay down your mortgage if you have one or invest in anything worthwhile. Can you subdivide your land?...

Every House Tells a Story: Start From a Front Yard     by   Derek Lotts

14 September 2015

Front yard is like a magical garden through which the guests must pass before entering your house, and it's an incredible opportunity to use it to your advantage and leave a good first impression. You can create a delightful landscape if you use natural materials, with stones and different plants...

Dual occ Vs Non Dual Occ investment returns     by   Can you Subdivide?

12 September 2015

This is an extract from a Certified Practicing Accountant- David Shaw. It shows the cash positive opportunities a dual offers for a retiree or a first home investor...

How much is the property worth after subdivision costs?     by   Can you Subdivide?

11 September 2015

Property value after subdivision? How much should I pay for the development site is a question on many developers mind who may be doing a small three unit development or a dual occupancy where the existing house is retained...

Rugged and Stylish Industrial Bathroom Trends     by   Derek Lotts

10 September 2015

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? Are you looking for a design that will make your bathroom look great once and for all? What you should definitely think about are some industrial designs which are quite a trend today...

RECOVERING FROM TERMITE DAMAGE     by   Flick Pest Control Sydney

01 September 2015

Home with Severe Termite Damage | Flick Pest Control Brisbane Unfortunately, no home is truly safe from termites and timber pests . These little critters can cause significant structural damage to your home and financial depletion of your bank account...

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