Securing Your Home Is an Imperative     by   Derek Lotts

28 August 2015

Your home might be cozy and your favorite place to be, but, have you considered security issues? A break-in can not only cost you a pretty penny, it also causes a sense of discomfort and insecurity...

The best of Australian bush houses     by   BUILD

27 August 2015

The bush house is an integral part of Australia's culture. Appearing in books, TV shows, and movies, the humble bush home is a part of many of the stories we tell. Architects and building designers have taken this humble abode and transformed it...

Is a basement space right for your home?      by   BUILD

26 August 2015

Sub-floor basements have a myriad of uses, including entertainment, storage, or parking, and are becoming very popular in the residential construction sector. Andrew Slattery is the building designer behind Melbourne’s Anabode Design...


Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time?     by   Derek Lotts

24 August 2015

Though people are by general consent creatures of habit, individual décor preferences differ extensively: while some love the intimacy of their bedrooms, others tend to spend more time in the living room or library...

Expert tips for installing plasterboard     by   Kate Jordan

24 August 2015

Plasterboard is often the material of choice for DIYers as it’s easy to install. While it is fairly simple to whack up some boards, though, getting a truly professional finish is much harder...

Stop Renting And Start Building - Here's Why     by   Ross North Homes

24 August 2015

Frequent increases in rental rates, difficult landlords and low availability of quality rental properties are making many consider home building and ownership over renting. But the leap from tenant to home owner is not an easy one...

Lavish Bathroom Design Ideas     by   Derek Lotts

24 August 2015

No matter how many times you have redecorated your bathroom so far, every next time you do it is a different challenge. If you feel that you got tired of traditional design and wish to try something new, modern design is the way to go...

Composite Decking Buying Guide     by   Austim

21 August 2015

If you are planning to build a deck in your outdoor area, there is a strong possibility that you have come across the term composite during your research...

DIY Fence Installation Vs Professional Fence Installation     by   Liam Tennant

21 August 2015

When it comes to fencing projects, some are obviously easier than others and some lend themselves more to DIY installation than others do!...

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Fence For Your Home     by   Liam Tennant

21 August 2015

Secure A Fence Perth When it comes to fencing your home, the huge variety of products that are now available may make your decision-making seem a little daunting - but it doesn’t have to be...

Storage Containers on Movie Sets     by   Derek Lotts

17 August 2015

Storage containers have found their places in many different fields of business, and it was the matter of day when they are going to be used in Hollywood. It is no secret that most of the buildings and rooms in the movies are not real...


Aluminium or Steel Fencing? What’s the difference? Which is better?     by   Fencemakers

17 August 2015

Adding a fence to your property can increase security or privacy, boost curb appeal and even add to the property value. Fencemakers Steel Gate and Fencing If you have decided to add a fence, one of the first questions your fencing contractor will ask you is what material you want to use...

A Checklist For Building Your New Home     by   Ross North Homes

14 August 2015

A home of our own - what we want, where we want it, living the lifestyle we’ve always imagined. For many people, building a home is the fulfilment of the great Aussie dream...

What are the stars made of?     by   BUILD

14 August 2015

Your guide to residential thermal comfort ratings, how are they formed, and what the key factors are. Most people are somewhat aware that all new residences are required to have their thermal performance assessed – a process more commonly known as a star rating...

Renovate or Relocate     by   Harrison Building Design & Drafting

13 August 2015

Are you facing the question of whether to relocate or renovate? Here is a quick guide to the cost to help you make an informed decision. Based on buying & selling at Newcastle/Lake Macquarie NSW in the $500,000 range the likely stamp duty on your new property will be $18,000...

The best things about decks     by   BUILD

11 August 2015

Spring is definitely on its way! Cherry blossoms and daffodils are out, the temperature is slowly rising, and thoughts of summer are edging their way into our brains. After what has been for many a very cold, long winter, the BUILD team is longing to relax on a deck for a summer's afternoon...


VBA issues advice for minimising foundation movement and damage     by   BUILD

07 August 2015

Reactive soils have been a contentious - and largely misunderstood - topic in Melbourne and the surrounding areas for a couple of years now. Reactive soil are those that expand or contract depending on how much water they have absorbed or lost...

5 tips to keep on top of pest control     by   Kate Jordan

06 August 2015

The list of pests waiting to invade Australia homes is a long one. Termites, ants, fleas, rants, mice, and wasps - all invade in their own manner and cause their own unique problems...

BENEFITS OF A DUAL OCCUPANCY     by   Can you Subdivide?

01 August 2015

Why Dual Occupancy A dual occupancy development can liquidate the hidden asset in your backyard. You can just do the subdivision and flick the new lot to pay down your mortgage if you have one or invest in anything worthwhile. Or you can build the new dual occupancy home...

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