Heat your home for free - use the sun!     by   BUILD

30 June 2015

Feeling the cold at the moment? We sure are! While we're firmly in winter's grasp, it's the ideal time to think about using the sun's heat to warm our homes - virtually for free!...

Why You Should Always Obtain a Building Inspection before Buying a Home     by   Jerry Tyrrell

24 June 2015

Most people dream about owning a home, and while the specifics might differ from person to person, everyone wants a trouble free house or unit...

Choosing the perfect bath     by   Kate Jordan

24 June 2015

Soaking in the tub is one of life's great relaxing pleasures. Purchasing a bath, however, can be very stressful. We spoke to British bathroom brand, Victoria + Albert, for some expert tips on selecting the perfect bath for your home...

Buying to renovate? A pre-purchase inspection is your best negotiation tool!      by   Action Inspections Brisbane

23 June 2015

It's no secret why having a pre-purchase inspection is common sense before purchasing a property - it's your expert insight into the 'true' state of the property!...

5 Reasons to Consider Getting a Home Generator      by   Oscar W

22 June 2015

Not many people honestly appreciate the everyday perks of our age such as electricity, and generally take it for granted until it is gone...


Inefficiencies in efficiency     by   BUILD

22 June 2015

In a damning report, a recent government review has concluded that mandatory energy efficiency measures in the NCC just aren't being delivered. This poses some very uncomfortable - but long overdue - questions about the industry's approach to compliance...

5th June 2015     by   Daniel Crisp

20 June 2015

We are back on track, but starting again from scratch. Today Kerry and I met with a company that will do everything we need in regards to drawing up plans, permits, surveying, the whole lot. And during our discussions we learned a few more things...

26 May 2015     by   Daniel Crisp

20 June 2015

Looks like we've had a set back on the build. The house plans we had settled on are through a kit home/framing and roof truss company. We have been in communication with the company from the start. All we wanted to buy from them was the "preparation of plans for submission"...

Our build     by   Daniel Crisp

20 June 2015

2nd May 2015 Ok, heres a rundown from the start (dec 2014) up to now. last year we started looking for land to build a house, make a life etc. We wanted the peace and quiet of the country. We found a nice sized block in a town in central western Vic...

How to Choose the Best Tap for Your Bathroom     by   Derek Lotts

19 June 2015

Doing a bathroom renovation is a serious task that needs to be well planned and executed in order for it to be successful...

Industrial plumbing 101     by   Derek Lotts

19 June 2015

Despite the fact that domestic plumbing and industrial plumbing differ in only one word, the actual differences are more significant and even thou industrial may be used in domestic environment, if you are a die hard industry fan and you want your house to have similar atmosphere, domestic cannot be...

How to negotiate a new fence with neighbours     by   Modular Wall Systems

17 June 2015

A fence does more than simply define a boundary line. It maintains privacy, contains pets and helps to keep out trespassers. When it comes to replacing a fence, it helps to have a friendly relationship with neighbours to discuss the options, as boundary fences are a joint responsibility...


Welcome to Modular Walls Build Profile- Fence colour trends to frame the outdoors     by   Modular Wall Systems

17 June 2015

The fence should enhance the home and garden and colour plays an important role. When thinking of upscaling the look of the fence, consider how different tonal fence shades can completely change the look of a property...

What Kind of Door Locks to Choose     by   Sara A

16 June 2015

Moving into a new home? You don't have to settle with the locks already there. Even if you are not moving, but you're renovating or you just want to review the security of your home, it's good to know the basics about different kinds of locks...

Three homes that put a new spin on old materials     by   BUILD

16 June 2015

Humans are quite amazing in the many materials we use to build our homes. Even more amazing is that we're constantly thinking of new ways to use and reuse materials, while still creating beautiful, liveable homes...

Nuts for building materials     by   Kate Jordan

12 June 2015

No material is safe from the ever-growing search for alternative, environmentally-friendly building supplies. Even the humble macadamia nut - some would say one of the icons of Australia - is now being investigated into how we can use it to build homes...

Vote now for the BDAV People's Choice Awards     by   BUILD

12 June 2015

Do you sometimes feel like you're too often told what buildings and designs to like? The commentators on reality TV, the judges of building awards, and the results of design competitions – doesn't it make you want to say "I like that. This is my opinion" to the world? Well, you can...

Never Judge a Garage by its Cover     by   Callum Fitzpatrick

12 June 2015

Many of us use our garage walls as a blank canvas to proudly plaster old relics, memorabilia and any other items to personalise our cave. However, we tend to keep all that passion restricted to the inside, neglecting the outside and letting it blend in with everybody else's on the street...


Not all Sheds are the Same     by   Jeff Patchell

12 June 2015

Sheds come in all different shapes, sizes and costs. No matter what you're after, it is important to make an informed decision so you can ensure you're getting the best shed for your needs...


Is It Better To Knock Down A Home And Rebuild Or Renovate?     by   Next Residential

10 June 2015

Renovate or start afresh? It's a dilemma faced by many homeowners and the final decision isn't always an easy one. Fact is, renovation costs have spiralled in recent years and a growing number of people are choosing to make a fresh start. So why would a homeowner choose to knock down and rebuild?...


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