Enjoy an Ambient Fireplace in Warm Climates     by   Escea Fireplaces

29 May 2015

Renovating an entire house isn't an easy feat – even more so than building a new home. Trying to create your vision while adhering to the limitations of the current structure can be a nightmare – 'can' being the key word...


Why You Need Proper Pool Fencing and Balustrading     by   Glass Now Pty Ltd

26 May 2015

It cannot be overstated the importance of having the proper fencing around your pool. There are a number of reasons why, but the most important is preventing children from falling into the pool and drowning...

HIA Australian Home of the Year      by   BUILD

26 May 2015

Every year the Housing Association of Australia (HIA) showcases the talents of our best builders and designers at the HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards. The winners have created stunning works, providing much inspiration for all aspects of home design and build...

Using Timber in Bathrooms and Wet Areas     by   mafi

25 May 2015

Timber floors have been used in Europe in wet areas for decades. A naturally oiled engineered timber floor has the ability to control moisture without cupping, warping or bowing. Not only do the natural timber planks look beautiful but they are also durable and warm underfoot...

Four outdoor features that could blow out a renovation budget     by   Action Property Inspections

25 May 2015

Check large trees on property before purchase, they can cost you a fortune! When considering the purchase of a property for a renovation project, there are four key outdoor features that could blow out a renovation budget. So do yourself a favour and pop these four onto your pre-inspection list...

What Makes For a Great In-Home Gaming Experience?     by   Selby Acoustics

23 May 2015

Back in the day when you and your family wanted to play a video game we would have to go down to the local arcade. From Pac-Man to Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter there were a ton of different types of games for any lifestyle...

How to Easily Refurbish Your Used Shipping Container     by   Emma Elsworthy

21 May 2015

In recent years, shipping companies around the world have begun to think more sustainably about shipping container reuse. Instead of disposing of a used shipping container, containers are being sold onto willing buyers who are using them for reasons only limited by their imagination...

Sustainable and stylish in one package     by   Kate Jordan

21 May 2015

© Ute Wegmann Photography The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is well-known for their conservation work around the world. Naturally with their passion for working in harmony with nature, they'd want offices that are sustainable and have as little impact on the environment as possible...

5 house that show small can be wonderful     by   BUILD

19 May 2015

Over the past twenty years, the average Aussie house has got larger and larger. The average floor size has increased from 162.2 m2 in 1984 to 248m2 in 2009, with Australians adding guest rooms and bathrooms as well as greatly increasing the size of their living areas...

Is now the time to renovate?      by   BUILD

11 May 2015

The decision to renovate is a very personal one – and yet it occurs within a framework of factors that affect everyone...

Three extreme concept houses you’ll wish were real     by   BUILD

05 May 2015

Every now and again, architects allow themselves to go completely insane. Ignore the rules, ignore the norm, and just go crazy – and the results are stunning. Today we have three concept homes that will blow your mind – and make you wish they were real...