Garden colour inspiration from the Dulux Colour Awards     by   Kate Jordan

30 March 2015

© Sean Fennessy I think I have found the perfect colour palette for my garden. Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the Dulux Colour Awards, which recognises architects and interior designers who have put the Dulux colour range to excellent use in their creations...

Coastal living: Standing out – and for good reason     by   BUILD

25 March 2015

Take a drive along any of the cliff top esplanades that line the shores of Australia's beautiful bays and harbours and it's obvious there's quite a building frenzy going on...

5 Australian Beach Houses that Prove the Beach Shack Weekender is All Grown Up     by   Lunchbox Architect

24 March 2015

In the '60s Australia's beach houses were simple shacks built from timber or fibro (fibre cement) designed for an affordable and hassle-free beach getaway...

6 Dangers of Going with a Dodgy Solar Panel Installation Company      by   Jayde Ferguson

24 March 2015

With the boom of solar power clearly evident now, it's become more crucial to know (and avoid) the deadly traps...

5 radical ways sustainability will change our houses      by   Darcy Wilson

16 March 2015

Nothing like a few predictions to make yourself cringe in 10 years' time... with that in mind, here are a few ways homes could change radically in the foreseeable future as sustainability becomes a real focus: 1...

Renovating Our Own Home     by   Harrison Building Design & Drafting

09 March 2015

Like most people, when the old house is looking run down & not really big enough anymore, we faced the decision to sell up & buy another house or renovate the one we have...


7 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger     by   Martin James Building Projects Pty. Ltd.

09 March 2015

It's a common scenario. You're keen to tackle your bathroom renovations but you're concerned about space and how to make your small bathroom look somewhat bigger...

Sun Power: Top Benefits of Using Solar Energy     by   Tempco Pty Ltd

04 March 2015

With global warming becoming an issue of worldwide interest nowadays, the need to find a renewable source of energy has become increasingly urgent. That being said, it's safe to assume people are no longer interested in energy saving appliances alone, but in renewable energy sources as well...