Jacob Harris's blog - Dec 2016

The 12 days of Christmas guide to preparing the backyard     by   Jacob Harris

16 December 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, the lead up to the big day can often be a frantic time with last minute shopping, cooking and cleaning, not to mention preparing the backyard for an influx of friends and family. But don’t despair...


Google Home and Amazon Echo on infinite loop     by   Jacob Harris

06 December 2016

With voice control touted to be the next big thing in home automation, many worry that the robots are about to take over. Seriously, if they can talk to us, what's going to happen if they start talking to each other?

Home automation explained     by   Jacob Harris

05 December 2016

By Paul Skelton. You’ve probably heard about home automation, the smart home, the connected home, residential technology, custom integration and home control. You may even have ignored these concepts, thinking they were irrelevant to your build or, worse still, a passing fad...

Energy saving apps     by   Jacob Harris

05 December 2016

The price of energy never seems to be too far from our minds. And when building or renovating, the lighting and appliances we choose can make a lasting impact on our overall power consumption for months and years to follow...