Jacob Harris's blog - 2016


Batman House wins 'Excellence in Use of Steel' at BDAV awards     by   Jacob Harris

11 August 2016

Sited on an ex-pastoral 1.2 hectare allotment, the rural setting offers magnificent views to Australia’s first ‘cable-stayed’ Batman Bridge. Importantly, its architectural form connects the cues taken from the distinctive landmark Bridge...

The 12 days of Christmas guide to preparing the backyard     by   Jacob Harris

16 December 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, the lead up to the big day can often be a frantic time with last minute shopping, cooking and cleaning, not to mention preparing the backyard for an influx of friends and family. But don’t despair...


Google Home and Amazon Echo on infinite loop     by   Jacob Harris

06 December 2016

With voice control touted to be the next big thing in home automation, many worry that the robots are about to take over. Seriously, if they can talk to us, what's going to happen if they start talking to each other?

Home automation explained     by   Jacob Harris

05 December 2016

By Paul Skelton. You’ve probably heard about home automation, the smart home, the connected home, residential technology, custom integration and home control. You may even have ignored these concepts, thinking they were irrelevant to your build or, worse still, a passing fad...

Energy saving apps     by   Jacob Harris

05 December 2016

The price of energy never seems to be too far from our minds. And when building or renovating, the lighting and appliances we choose can make a lasting impact on our overall power consumption for months and years to follow...

Karkalla beach house project      by   Jacob Harris

21 November 2016

The television series Top Property follows the journey of homeowner and renovators Chris Blaber and father Ray Blaber through the various stages and struggles of purchasing a rundown property and turning it into a gorgeous modern home...

Re-roof or restore?     by   Jacob Harris

21 November 2016

One of the most critical factors in any renovation is the long term health of the roof. It’s the important question facing every renovator: restore or replace? When it comes to tiled roofs, the decision is heavily guided by future plans for the home...


Top tips to get your barbeque area smoking     by   Jacob Harris

08 November 2016

It's barbeque season again and here at BUILD we're pretty excited about it. So to usher in the warmer weather we thought we'd put together a list of tips to help you ensure your barbeque area is smoking this summer. 1...


8 amazing decks     by   Jacob Harris

07 November 2016

There are few things more enjoyable than the simple pleasure of spending a warm summer day lazing on your deck with family and friends...


Taking the plunge: a little look at tiny pools     by   Jacob Harris

24 October 2016

As the weather heats up, many of us get to thinking about that pinnacle of summertime residential splendour: the backyard swimming pool. Sadly though, for many of us – due to either space or budget constraints – a backyard pool is just not an option. However, all hope is not lost!...


Outdoor coastal style guide     by   Jacob Harris

24 October 2016

As a beach-loving country, Australians are naturally drawn to the sun, sea and sand, but for those of us not lucky enough to live by the coast, the beauty of beach living can easily be brought to your outdoor area with a coastal style backyard makeover...


Gerringong beach house     by   Jacob Harris

24 October 2016

Surrounded by stunning coastlines and beautiful beaches, it’s no surprise that Australians love living by the sea...

Top ten kitchen design tips     by   Jacob Harris

11 October 2016

Kitchens are often known as the heart of the home – they’re not just a place where meals are created but a space that’s the centre of family life...

A taste of what's in store at The National Building Design Awards     by   Jacob Harris

26 September 2016

The National Building Design Awards promote and recognise excellence in building design across the country in the areas of residential, interior, heritage conservation, energy-efficiency, commercial and industrial design...

The Giacomo Yandoit house     by   Jacob Harris

26 September 2016

The completed renovation of the Giacomo Yandoit house has won the Best Use of Windows and Doors in a Residential Renovation Award at the 2016 Australian Window Association (AWA) Design Awards...

You be the judge: the window industry Design Awards     by   Jacob Harris

09 September 2016

Written by Jeff Patchell I was recently a judge at the window industry Design Awards for 2016, an annual event run by the Australian Window Association in conjunction with the Australian Glass and Glazing Association. The job doesn’t pay particularly well but you get some great views!...


A stunning garden that won't cost the earth     by   Jacob Harris

30 August 2016

With winter finally coming to a close, many of us are looking forward to donning our gardening gloves and making our outdoor areas shine again...


Step-by-step garden edging for the DIY enthusiast     by   Jacob Harris

29 August 2016

One of the easiest ways to add structure to your yard is by clearly defining your garden edging. Installing landscape edging is an easy DIY project that can enhance the aesthetics of your yard by separating the lawn from the garden bed...


Doing more with less: the 5 x 4 Hayes Lane Project     by   Jacob Harris

12 August 2016

When advertising photographer Ralph Alphonso finished building on his block of land in East Melbourne, he was left with a small parcel of remaining land with a run-down shed on it and not much else...

8 mind-bending Japanese houses     by   Jacob Harris

11 August 2016

Japan is well known for its left-of-centre approach to residential architecture. The nation’s infatuation with everything new drives an innovative, and often bizarre, approach to housing design that many Japanese architects are renowned for. Here are eight of our favourite examples. 1...