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Kate's Ramblings - Oct 2015

I'm passionate about helping people create homes without hassle.

Get your pool area ready for summer!     by   Kate Jordan

30 October 2015

Australia has just experienced its hottest October on record. Whatever the cause – be it global warming, El Nino, or an act of god – the warmer weather has had one big impact: everyone’s starting to make plans for summer...


Brewery wins National Building Design of the Year     by   Kate Jordan

23 October 2015

Northbridge Brewing Co Twenty-five years ago, no one in Australia would have suggesting going down to the local brewery for a nice Sunday afternoon with the family. One, because very few people had a local brewery, and two, those that did, wouldn’t have wanted to go...

Who predicts the future of colour?      by   Kate Jordan

21 October 2015

Predicting the future is never easy – and yet many people do so for a living. People want to know what’s coming next and that’s why weathermen, economists, and even fortune tellers are in such high demand...

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