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Kate's Ramblings - Jul 2015

I'm passionate about helping people create homes without hassle.

Taking inspiration from the past for the future     by   Kate Jordan

24 July 2015

Paint companies tread a fine line when maintaining their classic colours while still being on trend. They don't want to be seen as old-fashioned, but they also want their colours to endure the test of time and not simply be a passing trend...


Installing modern porcelain tiles: what you need to know     by   Kate Jordan

10 July 2015

The changes in surface texture and density of porcelain tiles in recent years have become a challenging factor in the performance of the adhesive to bond these tiles to the substrates...


The endless possibilities of plasterboard     by   Kate Jordan

01 July 2015

There's not much you can do with four plain walls and a flat ceiling – unless you're really inventive. The recently aired The Block Triple Threat created just such a challenge for contestants. Each team was given a flat in a 1970s block in Melbourne's South Yarra...

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