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Kate's Ramblings - 2015

I'm passionate about helping people create homes without hassle.

5 ways to brighten a dark terrace house     by   Kate Jordan

07 December 2015

Source . Today we bring you an article from Chris Godden from Doberman Windows and Doors. While the article focuses on houses in Chris' home town of Sydney, the design principles are applicable to terrace houses across the nation. Sydneysiders love their terrace homes...

Top tips for ceiling installation     by   Kate Jordan

26 November 2015

Many renovation tasks can seem beyond the average home owner. But with a bit of research and some expert guidance, home owners can take on many tasks - even installing a plasterboard ceiling...

Before and after: Sydney foreshore cottage     by   Kate Jordan

25 November 2015

An abandoned, derelict sandstone cottage in Hunter Hills on the the Sydney foreshore has been transformed into a stunning home. Before the renovation For 15 years, the cottage had stood empty and neglected. The shingle cedar roof had deteriorated, exposing the sarking and timber beam supports...

Choosing the right timber coating for your deck     by   Kate Jordan

20 November 2015

There’s more to timber coating than colour! Spring is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your timber decking. In addition to regular sweeping and cleaning, a deck re-coat is recommended every 12 to 18 months to maintain the quality, durability and appearance of the timber...


House envy from the National Architect Awards     by   Kate Jordan

12 November 2015

The Australian Institute of Architects has provided annual inspiration through the National Architect Awards since 1981...

Lighting Council Australia publishes an introduction to lighting controls     by   Kate Jordan

11 November 2015

Lighting can make all the difference to your home. Lighting controls are more than just light switches and old-fashioned sensor lights that the cat can set off...

Get your pool area ready for summer!     by   Kate Jordan

30 October 2015

Australia has just experienced its hottest October on record. Whatever the cause – be it global warming, El Nino, or an act of god – the warmer weather has had one big impact: everyone’s starting to make plans for summer...


Brewery wins National Building Design of the Year     by   Kate Jordan

23 October 2015

Northbridge Brewing Co Twenty-five years ago, no one in Australia would have suggesting going down to the local brewery for a nice Sunday afternoon with the family. One, because very few people had a local brewery, and two, those that did, wouldn’t have wanted to go...

Who predicts the future of colour?      by   Kate Jordan

21 October 2015

Predicting the future is never easy – and yet many people do so for a living. People want to know what’s coming next and that’s why weathermen, economists, and even fortune tellers are in such high demand...

The Top Ten Trends in Tiled Splashbacks     by   Kate Jordan

28 September 2015

There is a lot going on in the world of tiled splashbacks at the moment. How many different ways can there be, you may ask, to apply porcelain to a wall? Well, as it turns out, a lot...

Keeping the world's most complicated glasshouse clean     by   Kate Jordan

21 September 2015

Here at BUILD, we get many, many press releases for products. Some are useful, others are not. Some are interesting, many are not. Recently we received a press release for a seeming uninteresting product: a protective coating for glass...

Expert tips for installing plasterboard     by   Kate Jordan

24 August 2015

Plasterboard is often the material of choice for DIYers as it’s easy to install. While it is fairly simple to whack up some boards, though, getting a truly professional finish is much harder...

5 tips to keep on top of pest control     by   Kate Jordan

06 August 2015

The list of pests waiting to invade Australia homes is a long one. Termites, ants, fleas, rants, mice, and wasps - all invade in their own manner and cause their own unique problems...

Taking inspiration from the past for the future     by   Kate Jordan

24 July 2015

Paint companies tread a fine line when maintaining their classic colours while still being on trend. They don't want to be seen as old-fashioned, but they also want their colours to endure the test of time and not simply be a passing trend...


Installing modern porcelain tiles: what you need to know     by   Kate Jordan

10 July 2015

The changes in surface texture and density of porcelain tiles in recent years have become a challenging factor in the performance of the adhesive to bond these tiles to the substrates...


The endless possibilities of plasterboard     by   Kate Jordan

01 July 2015

There's not much you can do with four plain walls and a flat ceiling – unless you're really inventive. The recently aired The Block Triple Threat created just such a challenge for contestants. Each team was given a flat in a 1970s block in Melbourne's South Yarra...

Choosing the perfect bath     by   Kate Jordan

24 June 2015

Soaking in the tub is one of life's great relaxing pleasures. Purchasing a bath, however, can be very stressful. We spoke to British bathroom brand, Victoria + Albert, for some expert tips on selecting the perfect bath for your home...

Nuts for building materials     by   Kate Jordan

12 June 2015

No material is safe from the ever-growing search for alternative, environmentally-friendly building supplies. Even the humble macadamia nut - some would say one of the icons of Australia - is now being investigated into how we can use it to build homes...

Sustainable and stylish in one package     by   Kate Jordan

21 May 2015

© Ute Wegmann Photography The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is well-known for their conservation work around the world. Naturally with their passion for working in harmony with nature, they'd want offices that are sustainable and have as little impact on the environment as possible...

Bees are back!      by   Kate Jordan

02 April 2015

At the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, one theme was clear: bees are back! Several stands had an emphasis on bees, from the beautiful wildflower garden 'Cross Roads' to my personal favourite 'The Beer Keepers Garden...


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