Benefits of Introducing a Solar Battery into Your Home

12 June 2017

The history of storage technology stretches throughout the 20th century, but it was only recently that solar-plus-storage systems have entered the market. People, however, are rightfully questioning this technology; although the solar batteries are capable of offering significant benefits for certain homeowners, others may not find any financial sense in these. With this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the main benefits of introducing a solar battery into your home.

1.      The obvious

Okay, the obvious benefit of using solar energy is coincidentally probably its most important trait – it’s a cleaner clean energy. Solar energy is not only a sustainable, but also an indefinitely renewable resource. Reducing the carbon footprint is without a doubt the main concern of the 21st century and the main reason behind our planet’s pollution is, well, the need for energy. Our favorite star shines whether we want it or not – it gave us life and it keeps on doing so. It is only reasonable that we should aim at globalizing our efforts for harvesting and storing the energy that the Sun gives us and it all starts from our very own home!

2.       Energy storing

If you decide to install a solar battery as a key part of your solar energy system, you’ll get to store all the extra energy produced by your solar panels at home, rather than feeding it back into the electricity grid. Although you can’t really expect to go completely “off-grid” (contrary to the popular myth), approaching the solar energy mindset in this way is actually wrong. Current-gen energy storing should be used as a part of your energy supplying system and, as the technology progresses, the independence of our solar batteries will grow.
Solar batteries allow you to maximize your ability to use the electricity that was generated by your solar panels on a daily basis – the energy stored is to be used when you need more electricity than your solar panels are producing, usually later in the day, or at nighttime.


3.      Reduced bill

The traditional energy methods are becoming increasingly expensive for a reason – people are starting to become aware of two facts: that we’ve outdone ourselves by polluting our planet and that the fossil fuels are running out. This is where the solar panels kick in: they give you clean energy without the need for using power from the main energy grid and your energy supplier. If you opt for solar battery storage that quality batteries such as Tesla Powerwall have to offer, you’re looking at a significantly reduced energy bill – 35% to 60%, if you couple it with efficient solar panels. The mentioned 7 kWh daily cycle battery will set you back $3,000, but it will pay off in the long run.
Additionally, solar batteries have a really high cycle life, which means that they don’t take frequent maintenance or replacement; they can support a higher number of complete charge/discharge cycles before their capacity goes lower than 80%, which means the world for your pocket!

4.      Cleaner than clean

What does “clean” energy really mean? Is it completely clean? Well, the clean energy is actually better suited with the word “cleaner”. Take batteries in general for example: the lithium-ion solar batteries are infinitely greener than the old lead acid batteries; however, the lithium in the lithium-ion battery requires mining, which means that it is not completely environment-friendly.
Solar battery manufacturing plants are looking to use renewable energy sources for power, which results in an extremely small carbon footprint. Of course, not even the solar battery manufacturing technology is completely “green” or “clean”, but it is definitely “cleaner” than other current-gen technologies.



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