The Benefits of High Gloss Cabinet Doors

18 October 2018

If you’re planning on updating your kitchen, you may have already seen high gloss cabinet doors for sale and wondered if they are the right choice for you. High gloss has become more popular in recent years, and they not only look great but offer some fantastic benefits that may be of interest to you before you make a purchase decision.


Minimal Maintenance


High gloss cabinet doors require minimal maintenance, particularly in comparison to other forms of kitchen cabinets such as timber. This type of finish doesn’t require any sealing or treating as they offer great waterproof qualities from day one. In fact, keeping your gloss finish looking great only requires cleaning with a damp cloth, but you need to take care that you don’t use any abrasive cleaning materials such as scourer cloths that can mark or scratch the finish.


A Rainbow of Colours


Whether you’re considering matt or gloss kitchen cabinets, you’re likely to have seen that they are available in a myriad of colours. However, a gloss finish can create a bolder statement in colours you may not have considered. From light shades or monochrome to bold shades, you can gain access to a rainbow of colour options. Additionally, the gloss finish adds a level of sophistication that is not always possible with matt or natural finishes. You can let your imagination go wild and choose your favourite colour to make a bold, personal statement in your favourite room of the house.


Reflective Surface


High gloss is a highly reflective surface, so it can add light to your kitchen. If your room has limited natural light, the gloss finish reflects any available light all around the room. This can create an illusion of size and space, creating a bright and airy ambiance to even the most modest rooms. Additionally, since the light is reflected, you can tailor your lighting to create a more subtle finish that avoids that harsh glare when you walk in for your first cup of morning coffee.


Create a Bold Focal Point


Many homeowners choose neutral shades for their kitchen cabinets, but this can create a lacklustre finish. Unless you are very careful with your choice of wall colour, flooring, and accessories, it can create a sterile and cold finish. However, with high gloss cabinet doors, even traditionally neutral shades such as white or cream can still create a bold focal point of your new kitchen. This creates a sophisticated look, with clean lines, particularly if you have integrated appliances. So, you can still play it safe with a neutral colour, yet create a bold statement.


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