Being Aware of These 5 Electrical Hazards at Your Home Will Keep You Safe

17 May 2017


Electricity is probably one of the most important inventions in history. Every household depend on many electrical appliances today. I mean, honestly, just try and imagine your life without electricity. A disturbing thought, right? Check anybody’s phone book that you want, you will definitely find an electrician in there. Experienced and cheap electricians in Melbourne are high in demand owing to the presence of electrical appliances everywhere.

Like every good thing, electricity also has downs along with the ups. Any thing related to electricity, comes with danger and risks. Infact, an electrician’s job is very dangerous; it even finds a spot in America’s top 15 dangerous jobs.

So, while you rejoice and enjoy the boon of electricity, you should be aware and careful of the dangerous electrical hazards your home is susceptible to. Here are top 5 electrical hazards at your house.

1. Electrical outlets installed near water: Everybody knows that presence of liquids near electricity is hazardous and can lead to gruesome accidents. So it will be the best to make sure that your electrical outlets are nowhere near water. Pay special attention to the outlets in the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Faulty or poorly done electrical wiring: It is of the utmost importance that your house is fitted with top quality wiring; wires which adhere to and fulfill all the safety guidelines and standards. Poor wiring increases danger. You should always be on a lookout for any worn out or destroyed electrical wires in your house and if you spot one, call an electrician and get it fixed. Also, make it a habit to have a qualified electrician come to your house and check the wiring on a regular basis.

3. Trying to combat electrical fires by water: How do you get rid of a fire? Simple, pour water on it. No, not in case of an electrical fire. It is a very commonly made mistake which is highly dangerous; it further fuels the fire and can also lead to electrocution. The best that you can do is, switch the appliance off to cut the power supply and use a fire extinguisher. If this fails, call the fire brigade immediately.

4. Using electrical appliances with wet hands: Everybody knows that electricity and water ner go hand in hand; they are a dangerous combination. You should never handle any electrical appliance with wet hands; you cannot afford to be this ignorant. If you do that, you can end up electrocuting yourself. Many people ignore this and then have to face consequences. Another thing to keep in mind here is that you should never keep appliances near bathtubs, showers, and sinks.

5. Not taking proper measure to safeguard children: We all know that babies are very keen on exploring the world around them; they want to test and know everything in their surrounding. It very important that children are very well supervised up to a certain age. If there are any any power points in their reach, they should be replaced with the special “safe” ones.

Electricity surely is a blessing in everybody’s life and makes it much easier, but it can also can prove to be dangerous at times. So, it is very important that you follow all the instructions on the manuals and be more careful.

Knowing these hazards and being aware of their consequences will make your house much more safe and will reduce the risks of avoidable accidents.

Stay safe!