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9 of Australia's best man-caves

14 October 2013

It could just be the abundance of space here in Australia. Or a case of generous expendable incomes and free time. Or a heightened sense of primal territorial pride and a yearning for our hands-on, built-to-last roots in an increasingly disposable plastic world.

Whatever it is, we seem to have more than our fair share of outstanding mancaves here in Australia - and this week we're glad to bring you nine of the best:


1. Ralph Plarre's garage

Ralph's garage is hidden under his tennis court (naturally), and houses his stunning collection of ten exotic cars including his 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom, an E-Type Jaguar and four 1950's era Cadillacs. Ralph also uses the area for socialising, and has it fitted out with a grand piano and bar area.




2. Barry Armstead's backyard observatory

One for serious stargazers - it's worth mentioning that since the time of writing Barry's made some pretty significant upgrades. Head over to Barry's ASIGN Observatory II website for all the details. 





3. The Flying Sailor Bar and Brewery

Some people install a bar in their living room for entertaining. Then there's Darren Gallagher, who's converted his garage into a brilliant, full-blown pub and brewery.




4. John Bryant's backyard tower

Nothing stamps your own personal mark on a block of land quite like a 14-metre tower you've designed and built yourself. John's incredible backyard sanctuary is a hit with the locals, and we're looking forward to seeing whether or not he builds the second one he's been chewing over...




5. Rod Hadfield's hot rod paradise

If you're into hot rods you probably know who Rod Hadfield is. This Castlemaine dairy farmer - turned hot rod guru's shed is another amazing example of a private collection worthy of museum status. Rod stores over a dozen of the world's finest hot rods in his space, along with a formidable collection of trophies and memorabilia.




6. The Marek Brothers Garage

Richard and John Marek's love of vehicle restoration is what spurred the creation of their amazing man space - a full restoration of a vintage Holden showroom in Kellerberrin, complete with vintage cars, bowsers and signage.



7. Ian Hopkins' unofficial motorbike museum

Ian's lived and breathed (and ridden and collected) motorbikes all his life, and his magnificent space in an old ice-cream factory in Cairns is a treat for anyone with a taste for bikes and racing - particularly of the vintage variety.




8. Warren Brown's private sanctuary

This advertising guru's carved out a space away from it all purely for himself, where he can store his Ferrari F40 and his stunning Ford GT40, among other exotic toys and personal memorabilia Warren's collected over the course of his life.




9. Neil Twaddle's shed/museum

Neil's huge shed houses his amazing private collection of vintage curios and beautifully-crafted-but-outmoded machinery. Another labour of love, Neil's manspace has taken 15 years to assemble (so far).





Think we've missed anything? Tell us about your favourites below...


I'm the editor of BUILD. Big fan of efficient housing and new technologies, still dreaming of one day living in a very elaborate cave...


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