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7 main interior design trends for 2017

11 September 2017

 As far as interior trends are concerned, it sufficient to say that the previous years was a tad unpredictable. However, in the case of 2017, you can expect it to be a truly boundary-pushing year. Quite the bold statement, but that’s what a lot of designers are predicting.

Be it the case of bright and bold colours to unusual textures, on the whole, you can be sure of the fact that the trend forecast for the current year will not be similar to the last years at all. After all, there are certain trends that are ‘in’ as well as ‘out’. No two ways about that really. Every single year, it’s the same story with different trends doing the rounds.

Whether you happen to be on the lookout for new homes in Sydney or looking to improve your own home is up to you. The fact of the matter is that you need to know certain aspects of the current interior trends. On that very note, let us take a look at some of the trends that will be in as well as out for the current year:-

  • Keeping things “strictly antique” is no longer in fashion: Gone are the days when antiques were paired up with other pieces from the same period. Now, the emphasis is on creating a look that merges different elements from the past and future.

  • Brushed metal no longer has any appeal: Industrial looking metals are no longer on most people's minds. Now it is metals like gold and bronze that people are using to give a touch of elegance to a particular space.

  • Matte appliances are in fashion: Any object with a distinct matte finish ends up having a bold look without being too overpowering. For most objects that happen to be too lustrous or glossy, matte can be a good finish.

  • The trend of Cerused Wood is more famous than before: Referring to a technique that brings out a unique grain of the wood, this trend has been around for a while. However, it has finally gained acceptance with its appearance on different types of furniture.

  • Deep jewel tones have much more appeal: In this regard, beige is no longer the appealing colour. Deep jewel tones like emerald green and the like are predicted to be much more appealing.

  • The classic subways tiles are back in fashion: Although this is nothing new, it is an extremely versatile and classic tile choice on the whole. Not only does it work with most styles, but is affordable as well.

  • No more oversized furniture: slowly, more and more people are beginning to realise the importance of having a functional and creative use of space. In this regard, oversized furniture is both overwhelming as well as inefficient. The use of more custom-designed furniture is on the rise.

Ultimately, you will have to see and find out for yourself which of these particular trends work best for you and your house in particular. It’s important to remember not to get too tempted by all of the trends above as some of them may not work for the overall design of your house.

So do make sure that you select those design trends that work for your home and can be implemented without any problems as such. Only then will you be able to subsequently work on and determine which exact areas of your home can be improved upon. In this regard, keeping all of the above tips in mind is essential.



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