6 of the world's best games rooms

22 July 2014


You don't have to be dripping with money to appreciate the appeal of a dedicated games room - and there's no hard and fast rule that says what kind of games it has to accommodate. This week we're showcasing six of the most interesting dedicated games rooms we've seen for a while. Enjoy!


1. Michael Jackson's games room (virtual tour)

Most of Michael Jackson's epic collection of pinball machines and arcade games has been auctioned off now, but his home arcade was legendary. This is what you get when someone who loves games has a bottomless pit of money:









2. Marc Bell's Star Trek mansion

Currently on the market for $35 million, tech entrepreneur Marc Bell's home entertainment area has been entirely themed to look like the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The home also features its own pirate ship, and a dedicated game room with more than 60 pinball and arcade games.









3. Luna City Arcade

Another spectacular home arcade - again, with about 60 machines from the 70's and 80's. Luna City's owner Owner Peter Hirschberg has built his arcade in a separate building, and this one's faithful to the old-school arcade concept down to the blacklights and epic planetary carpet design.







4. Russ Lilley's incredible shed

Part American diner, part pinball / video game arcade, Russ Lilley has converted his shed into a formidable neon lit games room. To keep his hobby in check (and to prevent it from taking over the entire block), Russ regularly rotates his machines. Currently in play are AC/DC, Star Trek and Star Wars pinball machines, along with a number of different jukeboxes and some classic video games including Sega Rally, Point Blank and Big Buck Hunter.







5. Borden Cottage in Fox Hill

This totally inappropriately named 'cottage' (it's more of a sprawling seaside estate / complex) features an entertainment centre, complete with its own full sized 50's style American diner, home theatre, table tennis room and a fairly serious looking bowling alley. The house also has a pretty big garage, which used to house a collection of 72 cars.





6. The Sandcastle

Rental property to the obscenely rich and famous, this is another house with its own bowling alley. This home also has an indoor climbing wall, basketball court and skate ramp.








Seen anything else that belongs on the list? Tell us about it below...


Arthur Karakostas's picture
Arthur Karakostas

Don't like the Michael Jackson room - it feels to industrial and not inviting.

But I love the polished wooden bowling alley ... now if I could have a room like that!!!

Darcy Wilson's picture
Darcy Wilson

Same here - love the contents, but the Michael Jackson room lacks charm. Even just a bit of carpet and some better lighting would've made a big difference...

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