6 of the Most Amazing Additions You Definitely Need in Your Luxury Home

09 September 2014


No doubt you've always imagined what your dream house would look like. In the back of your mind, it's all decked out with those luxurious additions you probably don't need, but definitely "do need" in your dream home. At some stage of our lives we can all relate to this feeling.

So maybe you have brought your luxury home already - but it's just missing a few of those essentials, or maybe you're about to build the house of your dreams and you're looking for a healthy dose of inspiration. Regardless of what stage you're in, we've compiled a list of the most amazing additions you definitely need in your home. Better yet – they can be incorporated at almost any stage! Stop dreaming and start creating now.

1. A Hot Tub That Flows From the Inside to the Outside

Having a hot tub is one thing, but enjoying those sizzling bubbles both inside and outside of your home is another. We've seen the growing trend of merging indoors with the natural beauty of outside and a hot tub combining the two worlds together is another step up. The freedom to relax wherever your heart desires or whatever the weather dictates adds a sense of luxury to your home like no other.

To combine the feel of both areas, you can use neutral coloured tiles that complement the colours of either spaces or craft with natural materials to create your own slice of heaven. This is the perfect opportunity to define a hot tub 'room' you can use all year round.

2. A Fire Pit in the Pool

A subtle blend of water and fire is the perfect recipe to encourage relaxation so why not add a fire pit to the pool? By letting your imagination be the guide, you can add an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to the space. For an outdoor area to be truly effective, most homeowners strive to create something that they can entertain and unwind in throughout the year.

Whilst a heated pool is definitely an essential for the cooler months, it doesn't always cut it and it doesn't have the same effect as a fire pit. Adding the striking focal point to the pool allows you to keep warm in your luxury home and changes the dynamics of the space to the ultimate entertaining area that is cosy and inviting.



3. A Wine Cellar Trap Door

Not all of us are able to transform an entire room into a wine cellar, and unless you're building from scratch it can be hard to create a traditional one in your home. Incorporating a wine cellar trap door with a spiral wine cellar underneath your home gives you all the benefits of a normal cellar in an easy-to-install setup and uses the earth to insulate and create ideal storage conditions for your wine.

You can choose the type of trap door, from clear view glass to a staircase cellar right through to fire rated. Most variety of doors comes complete with a power opening system and safety latch – and behind the door, be prepared for a dazzling display of wine.

Perfect for the wine connoisseur, or even for the weekend wine lover, a spiral cellar hidden behind a sneaky trapdoor is what everyone wants at some stage in their lives. Not only does it fit in with any existing house plans, but its remarkable design and luxurious arrangement for cooling and storing wine makes it a flawless addition for any home.




4. An Aquarium Bed

Forgot counting sheep, and count tropical fish instead! An aquarium bed frame is the ultimate way to transform your room into a deep sea world customised to suit your own fishy desires. From an interior design perspective, aquariums are a fantastic way to match colour palettes in your space and change the dynamics to a room that is vibrant, colourful and fun. If you're a tanked fanatic anyway, it's the addition to your home that'll top any aquarium you could consider buying, or already own.

Using your own bed, the overhead aquarium is a customised 2,460 litre acrylic tank "headboard" spanning above it. If you're not a huge fan of tropical fish, you can still have anything from turtles to sea horses right through to your own finding nemo family. An aquarium bed looks fantastic and gives you something to be entertained by if you do find yourself needing to count sheep to sleep.




5. A Cosy Book Nook

Not everyone can afford the luxury of a library, filled top to bottom with books and a cosy armchair to retreat in. A book nook on the other hand, can easily serve the same purpose by creating a comfortable reading 'room' you can escape in.

For the book lover or simply someone who loves a little time out to themselves, building your own book nook is super easy. Away from distraction and noise, you can turn a large closet into a cosy book nook complete with a spot to curl up on and indulge in some quality reading time. It's also the perfect opportunity to entice children to read.

If you don't have adequate space in a closet to create one, you can utilise a hallway to create a simple yet functional reading corner. Space under the stairs can be used as a custom book case or opt for a quiet corner of the house that isn't being used. Add a comfy armchair and your book collection, complete with a glass of wine (from your trap door cellar of course) and kick back and relax.


6. An Outdoor Theatre

With outdoor spaces being transferred to the ultimate living areas - equipped with a deck and outdoor kitchen, it's no wonder why homeowners are taking it to the next level. An outdoor theatre in your own property does just that, creating the perfect home theatre solution for the big screen enthusiast.

Making the most of those blockbuster essentials, it's important you outdoor theatre really sets the scene. First, find the ideal location (usually a driveway or backyard) and deck out with comfy seating. The right equipment matters too so test out that movie projector and screen for the ideal effect and high quality drive-in audio. Keep the space dark for the ultimate movie experience and be sure to fire up the grill and treat your guests to popcorn too.

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