6 incredible homes built mostly for cats

03 February 2015

Bloody cats.

This post was originally going to be about cat AND dog friendly renovations, but the cat lovers win - hands down. Some people say cats exert a kind of mind control over their hapless owners - and there's even (surprisingly decent) scientific evidence to suggest that they infect their owners with parasites that mess with their brains...

Here's a collection of people who've sacrificed considerable amounts of time, money, space (and in some cases a significant slice of their dignity) to ensure that their four legged jerk-pets don't have to debase themselves by treading the same floor as everyone else.


1. Bob and Frances' cat house

Bob and Frances' house was the product of adaptation and renovations over a 27 year period to accommodate their cats. The mid-air catwalks, they say, eventually became the only way their cats chose to move around the house. Not sure about the camel.






Video here:



2. Greg Krueger's cat house

Greg spent 15 years hacking away at his house, creating cat-runs and secret hidey-holes all the way through his house. He was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome not long ago, which he says explains both his obsessive focus on the cat stuff - and his love for cats...






Video here:



3. Japanese cats' house

From Japan (of course there's a Japanese one) is this amazing house that's been designed from scratch with cats in mind. It has caged outdoor viewing areas, cat-proof surfaces throughout, elevated platforms, tunnels, cat flaps in every door. There doesn't actually seem to be a lot of space for humans in this one.








4. Cat walk

Understated by comparison, but still a loud yellow shelf running the length of the main living area. This 'cat walk' was designed as a shelf to let the cats keep an eye on things.







5. Steampunk cat tube

Another relatively 'little' (but still pretty serious) cat run.





6. Cat heaven

18 cats. $35,000 worth of renovations. Life seems to have taken an interesting turn for this guy...








Vid here:


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