4 trendy custom kitchen benchtop shapes

12 July 2018

When planning your dream kitchen, you want to make sure you have maximum space efficiency and functionality, particularly with your kitchen benchtop. Each space is distinctive but there are some standard configurations that are commonly used. 

Below are four trendy custom kitchen benchtop shapes.  

1. “L” shaped kitchen benchtop

An L-shaped kitchen benchtop is very popular and can be used in both medium and large areas. It's also perfect if you want to integrate a dining table into the plan.

Place the main bench that holds the cooktop and sinks on one arm of the “L” and the taller units such as fridge, pantry and wall oven at the other arm of the “L”. This will enable maximum bench and storage space, as well as sufficient circulation space for at least two people to work within the kitchen space.

2. “U” shaped kitchen benchtop

A “U” shaped kitchen benchtop is excellent for bigger families or where more than one cook will be working at the same time in the space. This design is very flexible as it can work in both long, narrow galley-style areas, and huge areas with a central island workplace.


If you have more space, a central dining table set within the “U” shape will create a relaxed dining or work space.

3. Island kitchen benchtop

If you have a large area to work with then an island kitchen benchtop will be the ideal choice as it is well-suited for people who want their kitchen to be a social hub. While cooking food, it allows the cook to entertain.


You require sufficient space to install island kitchen benchtops. As a rule of thumb there should be around 1.2m between the island and whatever is around it. 

A long island bench is desirable to facilitate adequate space for cooking food, washing up the area and for socialising. Islands can also be configured with built-in hotplates and sinks.

4. Straight-line kitchen benchtop

If your home has limited space, such as a small open plan apartment, then straight-line kitchen benchtop design will be a perfect choice. For families who like to dine in the kitchen, a bigger-scale straight-line kitchen is also an alternative.

This straight-line kitchen benchtop works well when the dining table is placed directly next to the kitchen benchtop. The dining table can also be used as an added preparation space.

Place the oven, microwave and pantry tower at one end of the long bench and the fridge at the other end, which will create a poised look. The cooktop, benches and sink should be accommodated in the middle area. 

Concluding Words

If you’re building a custom made kitchen then both granite benchtops and quartz benchtops will give your kitchen a timeless look with its beauty and gracefulness. This will also ensure your benchtop endures for years to come as the materials are strong and durable. 


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