4 key factors to look in metal fabrication Firm for your home renovation

12 November 2017

It’s hard to imagine the world without metal fabrication. We use it in our daily lives and even travel in it. Buses, ships, aeroplanes, cars and even buildings require metal fabrication. So, it is no surprise that we find a lot of metal fabrication firms in the market.


You might get overwhelmed with the number of metal fabrication firms out there. It is undeniably difficult to identify the ideal company for your own business. Remember that not all metal fabricators are the same. To help you decide which one to choose, we’ve compiled the four key factors you have to consider when selecting a metal fabrication firm.

Their Available Equipment and Capabilities

When you’re considering a metal fabrication firm, you have to review their capabilities. So, one of the first things you have to ask them is what materials do they usually work with. Every type of metal has its own fabrication process. This means that you cannot expect a fabricator to work on titanium if they do not specialise in that material.
You have to make sure that the firm you will choose have the knowledge and skills to work on the materials you need. Listed below are some of the common metals that most fabricators work on:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Titanium

Another thing you have to ask the metal fabricator is the type of equipment they use. It is worth noting that the machinery depends on the type of metal they are working on. So, for instance, if you need sheet metal fabrication, you have to choose a firm that has the right equipment to accomplish all the necessary fabrication processes.

This is especially important when your end product has to go through specific processes like drilling, cutting, punching, welding and forming as well as finishing processes like blasting and painting. Note that metal fabricators specialise on certain types of metals so they might not have the equipment to accomplish processes outside their scope.

Their Skills and Experience

While equipment plays an important role in a metal fabrication business, it is only a small part of what you’re paying for when. A fabricator’s skills and experience are the two most essential elements that you need to ensure that they complete your requirements successfully. Keep in mind that there may be metal fabrication firms with sophisticated equipment out there, but not all of them have skilled craftsmen.

You can measure the excellence of a metal fabricator by the number of years they’ve been in the industry as well as how long their workers have been with them. These shops have a way of retaining their special skills and knowledge. Most of them do this by passing on their skills to the next ‘generation’ of workers. You know you’ve found a long-term, valued partner when you encounter a metal fabricator as such.

Their Rates

The most important factor you have to consider is a metal fabricator’s rates. If you’re handling a big project, you’ll have the advantage of receiving competitive quotes from several firms in your area. So, do not forget to compare the pricing offered by each firm.

Make sure that you choose the one with fees that are close to what other metal fabricators in the market offer. You should also see if their price is justified by their skill and the quality of their work. In line with this, the quote should highlight every detail of the project, including the costs. With a detailed and transparent quote, you can make sure that you would not be surprised with hidden expenses down the road.

The Quality of their Work

It is not surprising if you encounter most metal fabricators telling that they are the best in the market. Well, as they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ You can only know that they are true to their words if you review their previous projects.

Another way you can ensure that they are providing quality workmanship is by asking about the certifications that they hold. When a company complies with the standards laid out by the Australian Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), you know that they always value quality workmanship and customer service.
Keep in mind that a wrong choice will cost your own business money. So, it is important that you carefully assess a metal fabrication firm based on the factors mentioned in this article. Keep our guidelines handy so you can narrow down your choices and determine the ideal metal fabricator for your specific needs.