26 of the world's most stunning home offices


13 October 2014

Even the most lazily prepared home offices have more character and warmth than the sun starved, lowest-common-denominator melamine clad shame cubicles so many of us inhabit for half of our conscious hours these days.

If you work from home, you get to choose where you sit. You also get to choose how you sit (...if you sit) and what you actually sit on. Given the amount of time you'll probably spend there, it's well worth taking advantage of that freedom to make your battlestation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A great home office or workspace is the kind of space you really can't wait to use..

Here are 26 incredible spaces to give you some inspiration:


1. The Hackney Shed (Hackney, UK), By Office Sian Architects






Source: http://www.officesian.com/projects/hackney.html


2. Marrickville House (Sydney), by David Boyle Architect




Source: http://www.davidboylearchitect.com.au/projects/marrickville-house-1-2/


3. OfficePod

These small prefabricated pods are ready-made, self-contained home offices that can be installed wherever there's space.






Source: http://www.officepod.co.uk/gallery/


4. Norwich Drive Residence (Hollywood, USA), by Clive Wilkinson Architects


Source: http://www.clivewilkinson.com/portfolio_page/norwich-drive-residence/


5. Julian Smith's minimalist home office


Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/privatestudyrooms/comments/20u9ha/julian_smiths_...


6. Alwyne Place (London, UK), by Lipton Plant Architects




Source: http://www.lparchitects.co.uk/alwyneplace


7. Loft study, 302 N. Aspen Street (Colorado, USA), TruLinea Architects


Source: http://trulinea.com/


8. Wade Davis Writing Studio, by Travis Price Architects




Source: http://www.homedsgn.com/2012/02/23/wade-davis-writing-studio-by-travis-p...


9. Gregory Han's Black Hole Home Office




Source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/the-black-hole-closet-home-off-123312


10. Point Piper Home (Sydney)

This study's entirely made by its perfect, expansive view across Sydney Harbour.


Where it's situated:


Source: http://doublebay.ljhooker.com.au/K2DF93


11. Justin Kemp's sandpit home office




Source: http://www.justinkemp.com/Surfing-with-the-sand-between-my-toes


12. Loft study design, by Uglyanitsa Alexander

This one's computer generated - but it's still easy on the eye...




13. Home Office Space (Eindhoven, Netherlands), by architecten | en | en




Source: http://www.architecten-en-en.nl/projecten/particulier/atelier-hugo-de-ru...


14. Interior designer's office (Unknown)


Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/RoomPorn/comments/2f6l0j/interior_designers_offi...


15. Soho Townhouse (New York, USA), by Asfour Guzy

On one side, this stunning home office looks out onto the street. On the other, it looks onto a forty foot indoor swimming pool.




Source: http://www.asfourguzy.com/soho-townhouse.html


16. Cole Street (San Francisco, USA), by Rossington Architecture


Source: http://www.houzz.com/projects/1919/cole-street


17. House in House (Tokyo, Japan), by MAMM Design

Perhaps stretching the definitions of 'home office' and 'study' a little, but you can see why I've included it...






Source: http://www.mamm-design.com/?p=78


18. Collector's loft (New York, USA), by UNStudio


Source: http://www.mybestluxe.com/luxe-tendance/loft-galerie-a-new-york-by-unstu...


19. Old bus office

This home office was created using half the front end of a broken down bus. Check out the link for more pictures.




Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/y267n/bus_office/


20. Carmel Valley House (California, USA), renovated by Sally Sirkin Lewis

Source: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/decor/2013-02/before-after-contest-ho...


21. Study nook (New York, USA), by Adi Gershoni Architect


Source: http://gershonistudio.com/new-york-architect-nyc-loft-p1/


22. Cutchogue Waterfront Residence (New York, USA), by Foley Fiore Architecture


Source: http://www.foleyfiore.com/#/test-gallery/


23. Architect's Studio (Maine, USA), by Kevin Browne Architects


Source: http://kevinbrownearchitecture.com/projects/architects-studio/


24. This place



25. Villa Rotonda Goirle (Netherlands), by Bedaux De Breuwer Architecten


Source: http://www.bedauxdebrouwer.nl/projecten/single-project-view/parentcat/op...


26. Rooftop study, West Village Townhouse (New York, USA), BW Architects




Source: http://bw-architects.com/projects/west-village-townhouse/


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