15 of Australia's most incredible beach houses

18 July 2013

It's no surprise that we're so crazy about the beach here in Australia - we're surrounded by beautiful oceans on every side, and in most places our weather's absolutely ideal for it. This week we've compiled a list of 15 of the best beach houses in Australia - for no other reason than to gape at them in envy and awe...


1. Solis

Design: Renato D'Ettorre Architects
Photos: Mads Mogensen

This unbelievable house in the Whitsundays is made from concrete and travertine, to complement the tropical Queensland heat and rain.



2. Klein Bottle House

Design: McBride Charles Ryan
Photos: John Gollings

Inspired by the brain-bending Klein Bottle, this incredibly dramatic beach house is based in Rye, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.



3. Holman House

Design: Durbach Block Jaggers
Photos: Peter Bennetts, Brett Boardman, Anthony Browell

Perched confidently on the edge of a 70 metre cliff at Dover Heights, just outside of Sydney. Check out that view...



4. Alinghi Residence

Design: Grose Bradley BVN with LGI Architects
Photos: John Gollings

Another incredibly serene, sun-drenched concrete house in Queensland - this one's based in Rocky Point.



5. Pretty Beach House

Design: ???
Photos: ???

This beautiful house on the Bouddi Peninsula was actually pretty badly fire damaged a while ago, but we had a chat with the owners and they say it's currently being rebuilt. If you know who designed the house (or took these fantastic photos) please let us know.



6. Azuris

Design: Renato D'Ettorre Architects
Photos: Francesca Giovanelli

Another sprawling, open, ridiculously photogenic and beautifully built Hamilton Island (Queensland) retreat.



7. West Head House

Design: Peter Stuchbury Architects
Photos: Michael Nicholson

Oozing character and warmth from every board and beam, this fantastic home was built by the architect's own hand, and is situated among the trees in Clareville Beach, NSW.



8. Fairhaven Pole House

Design: Frank Dixon
Photos: Matt Lord (via Australian Traveller)

This home is an iconic landmark down the Great Ocean Road in Fairhaven, Victoria. It's actually due to be knocked down pretty soon - although we're told it's going to be replaced by another equally likeable house on a pole.



9. Cliff Face House

Design: Fergus Scott Architects and Peter Stuchbury Architects
Photos: Michael Nicholson

Another incredible house built on the side of a cliff - but this Palm Beach, NSW house actually incorporates the cliff face into the interior of the house as a wall.



10. Private residence, Palm Beach

Design: Pike Withers / JLD Architects
Photos: ???

A loving rebuild of an existing beach house, also with breathtaking views over Palm Beach in NSW.



11. Fairhaven Beach House

Design: John Wardle Architects
Photos: Trevor Mein

Beautiful warm timber all the way through the interior, bold geometries and amazing views out from the dunes of Fairhaven in Victoria.



12. Anglesea Beach House

Design: Andrew Maynard Architects
Photos: Peter Bennetts

Another fantastic restoration of an existing weatherboard beach house - this one in Anglesea, Victoria.



13. Staley House

Design: Ulrika Saar of Peter Stuchbury Architects
Photos: ???

This bold house takes pride of place right on the beach in Collary, NSW.



14. Beached House

Design: BKK Architects
Photos: Peter Bennetts

The Beached House, built in Western Port, Victoria, is designed to give the sense that it's just washed ashore from the ocean.



15. Coolum Bays Beach House

Design: Aboda Design Group
Photos: Paul Smith

Yet another stunningly designed home on a hill, this one looking out over the pristine white sands of Coolum, Queensland


Seen any other beach houses that deserve a mention? Share them below.


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