12 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

05 November 2018

With nature coming out of hibernation and renewing itself, you may also be feeling inspired to freshen up your home with a good spring cleaning session. To help you make this year’s cleaning process a breeze, have a look at our favourite list of quick and easy spring cleaning tips.



1.       Wash the windows

Get some natural light back in your home by washing your windows inside and outside. Do this on a cloudy day to minimise streaking.

 2.       Clean the oven, inside

Remove any burnt food and use a mixture of baking soda and a few drops of white vinegar to clean up the gunk that has built up in your oven. If this isn’t effective enough, reach for harsher, but effective oven cleaners.

 3.       Give the shower back its shine

Remove residue build-up from the shower doors and get rid of grout stains with a mixture of 1 cup of bleach in 4 litres of water.  

 4.       Unclog the drains

Remove any hair and dirt pile up in the shower and sink, and regularly pour boiling water down the drain to keep it clear.

5.       Buy new doormats, for inside and outside

Once you’ve washed the floors, keep them dirt free for longer by placing fresh, clean mats both inside and outside entrances.

6.       Dust hard to reach places

Dust off all those hard to reach and high corners and frames where dust have been accumulating, even if you can’t see it.

7.       Clean the furniture

Treat and nourish your wooden furniture with furniture oil, vacuum the upholstery and wash any removable couch and cushion covers.

8.       Get rid of carpet dents

Take away the dents created by furniture with a blast of steam or by dampening the area with ice cubes and then reshaping the carpet fibres while they are damp.

9.       Clean your cleaning equipment

Don’t forget to look after your cleaning equipment to keep them in a good working condition. Clean the broom, clear out the vacuum dryer filter bag, clean the washing machine filter and de-lint the dryer. Also, run an empty cycle with dishwasher cleaning solution, or a cup of vinegar to clean your dishwasher from the inside and kill any bacteria that may be lurking around.

10.   Tidy up and de-clutter 

Give your closets and drawers a deep clean, remove any seasonal clothes to store away for next year and consider donating any items you haven’t worn in the last year or two. Place drawer liners in your drawers to keep them smelling fresh.

11.   Prep your outdoor furniture

You’ll soon want to spend much more time outside. Get your patio area ready by washing all the outdoor furniture with lukewarm water and mild soap and give everything a good rinse with the garden hose afterwards.

12.   Wash and maintain your outdoor blinds

If you have outdoor blinds they may be in need of a little TLC after the wind, cold and rain of the winter season. Wash your outdoor blinds with mild soapy water and ensure  that they dry thoroughly before you roll them up. Also check that the opening and closing mechanisms are functioning properly, and remove any rust that may have formed on the metallic components.

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